Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Documentation of Rubens Ghenov's exhibition

Rubens Ghenov
An evening raga with bolasettvas and other nonterminused short stories

Oct 11 - Nov 10
Hours: Wednesdays 4pm - 8pm, or by appointment

An Evening Raga (acrylic on linen)

Dreamebellum, Morandá's Storage Quarters (acrylic on linen)

 Juisbres by Morandá (acrylic on linen)

Julinho de Aldelaide (spray paint on basketball)

Okri Celan (acrylic and graphite on linen)

On an afternoon shelf (Salamanca) (acrylic on linen)

Orfeu, Realce (acrylic on canvas)

Santos Soares (matches, fabric glue and soccer ball)

Sugi Nioni anto (acrylic on linen) [left] & Jalsāghar (acrylic on linen) [right]

The ridden hour, Selected Dreams in Chuck D (acrylic on canvas)

The Second Chronicle of Ela/Janela (acrylic on canvas)

To Those Who Have Long Haven't (sumi ink on found column)

 installation view

installation view