Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ACRE visit, 2014!

Last week we were excited to re-visit ACRE. We did studio visits with some of the residents and spent some time hanging out in the ACRE facilities and chatting with the amazing staff. We visited with Kittisak Chonton ("Wa"), Emily Belknap, Zoe Berg, Tom Friel, Melissa Leandro, Sanaz Sohrabi, Wolfie Rawk, Jenyu Wang, Bryan Volta, Bradley Tsalyk, Cory Dunlap, Christiano Siqueira, & Kirk Amaral Snow.

Lease Agreement will continue its partnership with ACRE by exhibiting (in 2015) a few residents from the three 2014 sessions. We have partnered with ACRE for three exhibitions this year. Two have already happened (Allison Rowe and Ryan Thompson) and the final one of the year (Jesse Malmed) is scheduled for November 2014.

Here are some pictures from our visit:

Jenyu Wang and Bryan Volta

drawings by Emily Belknap

Melissa Leandro

Bradley Tsalyk and Allison

Bradley Tsalyk and Cory Dunlap

Nick Wylie and a lot of tabouli

works by Christiano Siqueira

Kirk Amaral Snow's molds

ACRE cups in the dining hall

Claire Arctander and Latham Zearfoss' installation in the ACRE property (one year after it was installed)

awesome Wisconsin beer and the Kickapoo River