Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sayward Schoonmaker, "See you soon, or not. One of those."

Documentation from Sayward Schoonmaker's See you soon, or not. One of those. which is on display until May 25, 2013.

 Sayward Schoonmaker - Maybe! (charcoal, paper, stick) 2013

Sayward Schoonmaker - Let My Penmanship Tell You (ink on paper) 2011

Sayward Schoonmaker - Sting in the Heart (laser print on paper) 2012

Sayward Schoonmaker - Oh No (cardboard, tape) 2012

Sayward Schoonmaker - Your Hair is a Mess (photocopy transfer on paper, cardboard, thumb tacks) 2012

Sayward Schoonmaker - Juggling Lesson 1 (5 minute loop) 2012 [link to the video]